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G’Day, I’m Shirelle N Francis.

Shirelle Francis, CEO of iLeapGroup, is an experienced professional and AI enthusiast dedicated to helping individuals and organizations harness the power of emerging technologies in a friendly, accessible manner

Hello there, wonderful individual! It's an absolute delight to have you visiting my platform. Perhaps you're in search of an exceptional guest speaker for your company's upcoming event, or maybe you require the expertise of an executive consultant to empower your leaders in reaching their monumental aspirations?

That’s what I do. I work with luxury and legacy brands
to support their leadership team in achieving revenue goals,
feel more productive, and get the attention you want
and need from your clients.

Ask me about our proprietary Luxury Mindset research and how it can help your company.

Love to connect, let’s chat!


Work with Shirelle

Keys to drive profits, increase productivity and pay attention to what matters most.
Corporate Consulting
Learn how Shirelle can help your organization gain focus and increase productivity.
Webinars and other content to help you create accountability and gain focus in work and in life.

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Need an engaging keynote speaker or proven corporate executive strategist? Learn about Neen’s captivating message and partner process and how she delivers results with the legacy and luxury brands she partners with.

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