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Shirelle N. Francis –Speaker |Consultant |Founder

As a storyteller, orator, and chief activator, I bring a unique approach to my speaking engagements. With a focus on bridging the digital divide and achieving technological equity, I engage audiences with compelling narratives and captivating storytelling. Through my presentations, I empower individuals and communities to take action, serving as a catalyst for positive change. Whether discussing the importance of broadband, AI, or upskilling, or highlighting the achievements of women in their zone of genius, my aim is to inspire and activate audiences to make a difference. Join me on this transformative journey as we create a more equitable digital future together.

In addition to speaking engagements, I provide strategic consulting services, offering expert guidance to help organizations navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and develop effective strategies for success. My workshops and fireside chats create an interactive learning environment, fostering meaningful discussions and providing practical tools for individuals and teams to thrive in the digital space.

For those seeking a more tailored experience, I offer custom facilitation services, including Executive Roundtable (ERT) sessions, leadership development, and professional development workshops. These sessions are designed to address specific needs and challenges, empowering participants to drive meaningful change within their organizations.

Furthermore, as a part of iLeapGroup, I collaborate on digital transformation initiatives, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to propel organizations forward in the digital age. Additionally, our IT solutions expertise ensures seamless integration and optimization of technology systems, supporting organizations in achieving their digital goals.

No matter the service you choose, I bring my expertise as a storyteller, orator, and chief activator, creating an engaging and impactful experience for all participants. Together, let's unlock the potential of the digital world and drive positive change in your organization or event.

Demolishing the Digital Divide with Shirelle N Francis

Welcome! I'm Shirelle N Francis, your guide to conquering the digital era. With over 20 years of experience as a professional speaker, consultant, Broadband SME, and SaaS Founder, I'm on a mission to demolish the digital divide - empowering individuals and organizations to not just survive, but excel in today's interconnected world.

As a dynamic speaker, I've captured the hearts and minds of audiences at 100+ events, initiating conversations that ignite transformation and drive change. Each of my presentations, workshops, and keynotes is uniquely tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Beyond speaking, I'm a hands-on consultant. I assist organizations in harnessing emerging technologies and optimizing Digital Transformation. My work ensures your business isn't just a participant in the digital era, but a leader.

Ready to start your journey towards digital empowerment? Explore my speaking topics, consulting offerings, and hear from past clients who've been transformed by our collaboration.

Let's make a change together. Book me for your event or inquire about consulting services via the contact form. Join my mission in demolishing the digital divide - sign up for my newsletter for exclusive insights and updates.

Together, let's unlock your potential and demolish the digital divide. Your future in the digital era starts here.


Speaker Topics

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Strategic consulting

Workshops/ Fireside chat

Custom facilitation (ERT, Leadership/PD)    

Digital Transformation

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Customer recommendations

Laura Vega, Esq

"Shirelle Francis is a true force of nature on the stage. Her captivating presence, combined with her deep knowledge and passion for technology and digital inclusivity, makes her an absolute standout as a speaker. Shirelle's ability to connect with audiences and inspire them to take action is unparalleled. Her insights and expertise leave a lasting impact, leaving audiences motivated and empowered to make a difference in bridging the digital divide. If you're looking for a speaker who can truly captivate, educate, and activate change, Shirelle Francis is the one to have on your stage.
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