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Shirelle Francis, the Chief Activator, graces stages worldwoide to ignite the spark of transformation, empowering audiences to ebreace the future of technology, bradge teh digital divide, and create a world where high-speed interent access in not just a privilege, but a fundamental right. Heer dynamic presence, unrivaled expertise, and unwavering passion make her the catalyst for change and the voice that resonates with all who seek to shape a more inclusive and connected tomorrow.

Past clients

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Speaker Topics

Demolishing the Digital Divide in Institutions Serving Rural Areas

The Crucial Role of Broadband in Digital Equity

Al and Upskilling: Empowering Communities to Bridge the Digital Divide to a Better Life

Overcoming Resistance: Empowering Women to Excel in Their Zone of Genius

Thriving in Your Zone of Genius in the Digital Space: A

Guide for Leaders in HBCUs and Rural Institutions

Achieving Technological Equity in HBCUs

Empowering Women in the Digital Space: Shirelle's Specialization in Excellence

Shirelle brings extensive expertise in bridging the digital divide, particularly in rural-serving institutions, showcasing her commitment to achieving technological equity in HBCUs. She empowers leaders and institutions to thrive in the digital space while specializing in empowering women to excel in their zone of genius. Shirelle's focus on highlighting the crucial importance of broadband and AI in overcoming the digital divide demonstrates her dedication to creating a more equitable digital future. With a proven track record and captivating presentation style, Shirelle ensures an engaging and impactful experience for audiences. Don't miss the opportunity to book Shirelle as your speaker and be a part of driving positive change and contributing to the advancement of digital equality. Contact us now to secure an inspiring and transformative event with Shirelle.

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